Seminar organized by Fondation des Universitaires en Sciences Economiques
(FUSE - Esprit d’Entreprise) and Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg

27 Friday April 2018 16h00 - 21h00

16h00 - Welcome speeches

M. Michel Wurth | President of the Chamber of Commerce
M. Jean-Louis Beckers | President of the Fondation FUSE
M. Pedro Castilho | President of IBCL 

  • How to become an entrepreneur? Best practices

    Remy Manso | Manso Group
    Genna Elvin | Tadaweb
    Loic Didelot | MIXvoip
    Hussein Alabdullah | Lux Cars Hussein

  • How to transform my idea successfully into a concrete venture?

    Nicolas Fries | House of Entrepreneurship
  • A business permit: Why? Who? How?

    Christian Kremer | Chambre des Métiers
    (FR - Translation to English)

18h30 - Coffee break

  • Inspirational Short Story

    Ezri Kahn | Fashion Designer

  • Which legal structure fits best my project?

    Me Mario Di Stefano | DSM Avocats à la cour

  • Where to locate my company?

    Jean-Paul Scheuren | Chambre immobilière

  • How to get support in the set-up process?

    Philippe Linster | House of Entrepreneurship

20h30 - Networking cocktail

28 saturday april 2018 8h30 - 13h00

8h30 - Networking coffee

  • Setting up and financing a start-up: genuine testimonials

    Bernard Ndolo | Jbit Sàrl
    Tuire Siiriainen | Blueberry & Pie
    Mahmoud Alabied Alfayyad | Syriously

  • Moderated by:

    Samuel Paulus | Microlux
    Larissa Best | LBAN

  • What public financing and guarantees are available to entrepreneurs?

    Patrick Dahm | Mutualité des PME

  • What are the supporting measures offered by the Agence pour le développement de l’emploi (ADEM)

    Isabelle Schlesser | ADEM

10h30 - Coffee break

  • Inspirational Short Story

    Antoine Biasino | Stuff Brauerei

  • How to draft a business plan?

    Andréa Elain | I.U.I.L.
    Sivakumar Bactavatchalou |

  • What are the banker’s perspectives?

    Jean-Luc Bermes | Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat

12h30 - When are you creating your company?

Motivational Speech


Pedro Castilho | Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg
Serge Nickels | Fondation FUSE - Esprit d’entreprise

Presentations in english / Traduction simultanée en français 

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